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21 days 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

After having completed 20 days and 200 hour of yoga teacher training you can register for our final 200 hour exam for Yoga Alliance registration.


Learn Asana Alignment and Anatomy by exploring your own body. You will get many examples to become aware of your own movement patterns using different bodywork techniques, dance steps, sport movements, walking and last but not least our in depth Yoga Asana Analysis.

We put a strong focus on transitions between postures, which means to integrate the deep core muscles. Your Yoga practice will transform into what we call cat like movements, what makes you feel much more healthy and smoother than ever before.


This transformation has its foundation in our teachings of pranayama (breathing techniques), the subtle way of chanting Aum , and sensual meditations.
We practice pranayama in a way that you constantly discover an opening and unfoldment of your deepest body energy system.

It is rooted in the authentic Hatha Yoga and the Tantric Vinyasa instructions, that we teach in a modern and fun way.


To top all this in our international program we choose beautiful nature retreat places around the world. It is our understanding of yoga that we put a lot of effort in finding ways to keep the teacher training affordable for you. For this reason we split the training into 5 days teacher training units.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What about the exams ?

In a final demo class you need to demonstrate how to instruct inversion, back bending, forward bending, twists and the standing postures in a safe way.

We will garantiere you we go through this 200h topics many times in different ways, so your body will know. This will be the most stress less exam  in your life.

At least we do everything possible to unstress you in this extraordinary 200h yoga teacher training.

I want to deepen my yoga practice? Can I join the training?

Feel free to join the teacher training days to deepen your own practice and to experience your self. and the yoga. You can skip the exams and the tough stuff.

I am already 200h  certified teacher? Does it make sense to join?

Please contact us for 500h certification.

I am already 500h certified teacher? Does it make sense to join?

To experienced teacher we will still share many tips and tricks and new ways to teach Asanas and Vinyasa, Discover its rooting in the yoga tradition.

In our Art of Sequening there is a symmetrie of outer and inner vinyasa. Sarva sarvatmakam - Everything is connected.

The Pranayamas are rooted in the tantric origins of Hatha Yoga which are the inner Vinyasas, the inner sequences of folliowing Bija sounds with the goal to merge the lower and upper kundalini in the heart which is symbolized by the tantric metapher of merging the Sun & Moon (Hatha).

Additional you will get an repertoire of meditations on sound, taste and inner touch and satsang techniques to handle emotions.
Vinyasa developed out of Sound Healing, of how to place sound resonance into the body temple.
By the way you become a Nada Yoga Meditation teacher.

Since the 5 days teacher training immersions are cheaper than most yoga holidays - join us if you find time..

Yoga Practice

Daily schedule

Cyprus Sun: 5 days Teacher Training Immersion

Limasol, Governors Beach

For Yoga Teacher & Non- Yoga Teacher


7:30 Sunrise – Meditation u. Pranayama at the Beach

8:30 Yoga class

11:00 Smoothie

12:00 Asana Analysis, Anatomy, Bodywork

14:00 Greek Salad


16:00 Open Space, Teaching, Adjustments, Sequencing

18:00 Yogic Cooking Dinner

20:00 Camp Fire: How to chant AUM

(Evolution of OM in Veda, Upanishade, Tantra, Hatha)


24.-28.10.2022- 5 days € 500,-

incl. Shared Sea View Double Room

Transfer from Airport

Smoothie, Greek Salad, Yogic Cooking Dinner

Not included Flight Ryanair/Easyjet Paphos Larnaca


Bildungsprämie 50% , Yoga Teacher Partner Program

20% Off - Stay in tent at camping size

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